About Us

Melany K is designed in the UK for women and by women. Melany herself is from London; a city she will always love no matter how much travelling she does. Melany is a busy working Mum of 2 daughters who found it hard to find activewear she wanted to wear. It was either too young, too sporty looking or too expensive. She wanted a range that was versatile that  looked good for going anywhere. For Melany exercise is something she does to stay healthy, but time is always a challenge. Clothes that are versatile are a must. She tries to squeeze in a workout in an already overloaded and demanding day. She isn’t a celebrity, she doesn’t have a stylist. She is a real woman living life and trying to be the best she can be.

At Melany K we know that there are millions of women who are trying to do the same. Melany K exists for every woman to flatter a woman’s body. We at Melany K have created a feminine, stylish range that looks luxurious without the expensive price tag. Melany felt very strongly that modern women need comfortable and fashionable activewear that is so versatile and practical it can be layered under “regular” clothing pieces.

Melany K activewear is mix and match with different kinds of leggings, bras and tops. High waisted leggings are a favourite of Melany’s. They help flatter the “Mummy Tummy” that never quite goes away! Melany K’s activewear has a dress up/dress down feel to it that will fit into any modern woman’s busy life.